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         974 E. Emory Rd.  Knoxville, TN 37938  865.922.1786

Store Hours
M-F 10-6:30
Saturday 9-5
Sunday Closed
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Tune Ups

  • Tune-Up $60. What you get: Wipedown, adjustment and lubrication of the drivetrain and cables. Truing of the wheels. Inspection and adjustment as needed of the brakes, hubs, bottom bracket, and headset.
  • Tune-Up+Cables and housing $95. This service makes shifting and braking feel effortless and smooth with all new "Jagwire Slick" brake, shift cables and housings.
  • Overhaul $150. This one gets you all of the above, plus we take all the remaining parts off the frame and clean them, replace and repack the ball bearings in the headset, front and rear hub, and bottom bracket if applicable. *Cartridge bearings are extra.